Meet the Designer
Kayla Lee is the creative mind behind Olivewood Florals. She started the company "For the Created" as a way to share her many creative hobbies with others. As she started learning more floral design, she decided to rebrand and specialize in wedding and event florals and Olivewood Florals was born. Although floral design was never something Kayla intended to pursue, she loves working with blooms and is continuously learning the art of bringing light to natural beauty. When not arranging flowers, you'll find probably find Kayla dressed in an oversized sweatshirt and sandals learning a new craft or spending time with her husband Tyler and their Samoyed puppy Fitz. 
Photo by Etcetera Photo
Behind the Name
Throughout history, flowers and gardens have been used to symbolize paradise and goodness. In the Bible, the garden of Eden was a picture of heaven - perfect and full of life. The temple was designed to contain aspects of that garden to represent the place where God himself dwelled. These pieces in the temple not only pointed back to the one who created the original garden, but they also point to a restoration and redemption that would one day come. Some of those garden-like pieces were created out of olivewood. Some were even covered in gold to further emphasize the elegance of what was created. At Olivewood Florals, we are passionate about using creation as a reminder of the good news of hope and love that is available to all who seek it. Our goal is to magnify the beauty of the Creator and the greatest story of love and redemption that is represented in the love-filled stories of our clients.
Photo by Meiwen Wang Photography
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